Worry no more because we are here to help! Hoarding cleanup is a significant problem, and dealing with the hoarder and figuring out why they’ve become a hoarder is crucial to resolving the problem. Prime Hometech specializes in Hoarding Cleanup and our team knows how important it is to work with hoarders for the hoarding clean up situation.

At Prime Hometech, timing is everything! Our team is specially trained to handle clean-up scenarios involving numerous items or people who just want to remove stuff from their home. Give us a call today if you are or are not a hoarder but have a lot of stuff to get rid of.

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Why is it important to hire a Hoard Cleanup professional?

  • Labor Extensive
  • Biohazard Contamination
  • Need to deal with Pests and Rodents
  • Prevent Mold Growth
  • Exposure to Physical Injuries
  • Proper Cleaning Equipment and Suppliers
  • Unsafe Environment


The 5 Levels of Hoarding

Hoarding is often classified in five levels, or stages, depending on how extreme it is. These are:

Stage 1: Homes are often considered heavily cluttered rather than symptomatic of hoarding. All rooms and areas are passable and the house is still clean and safe.

Stage 2: Possessions are starting to take over the home. One or two rooms might be difficult to navigate, and there may be bad odors present. Mildew may be observed in the kitchen and bathroom, pet waste may be present, and there is evidence of poor housekeeping. One exit may be unusable.

Stage 3: Only one bedroom and/or bathroom is usable, and limited living area. Dust and spoiled food have accumulated and the home has a strong odor. Clutter may be visible from outside the home.

Stage 4: Infestations of fleas and lice may be present, along with sewage backup and other unsafe conditions. Rotten food and pet damage are common.

Stage 5: This is the most severe level of hoarding. The home has rodent infestations, and the kitchen and bathroom are unusable, leading to accumulation of human and pet excrement. Utility services might not be functional. Many areas of the home are completely inaccessible.


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